Behind the Lens


Sarina Rose

 Sarina, owner of Pink Blush Boudoir, has been photographing and making women feel good about themselves since 2011. Specializing in all things beauty and boudoir, she can be seen applying makeup or photographing clients. Sarina encourages women from all walks of life to try boudoir at least once in their life.  She will change how you see yourself for the better.  


Calie Schwartz

Calie, photographer at Pink Blush Boudoir, has been with us since 2011. She is dedicated to making women feel captivating and special.  Photographing and making women feel comfortable and amazing about themselves is what she does best! Calie thinks that boudoir is something any woman should do at one point in her life.  


The Puppies

Arise, Boo, & Bodhi

Arise, Boo, and Bodhi are the official Pink Blush Mascots.  They are very friendly and love any attention that you can give them.  Arise is a 6 year old silver labrador, Boo is a 7 year old white boxer, and Bodhi is a 3 year old golden labrador retriever! They love when people come for visits at the studio.  If you have any allergies or phobias please let us know and they will take the day off.