Edmonton Boudoir Photos } Miss S

When you come to our studio we help you with all the accessorizing, so don't stress if your not sure about shoes or jewelry! Plus we have all that stuff at the studio that you can use as well.  

Miss S came to us back in February, and we helped with the shoes and jewelry additions, sometime they just tie everything together, what do you think of her photos below?? 



Miss M } Pink Blush Boudoir

As one of Edmonton's leading Boudoir studios, we are so grateful for all of our clients and for all of those who follow our blog.  

Blonde Beauty } Pink Blush Boudoir Edmonton

Miss A come into our studio back in December for the perfect wedding gift for her husband to be! With wedding season right around the corner, why not consider giving that special someone in your life the gift that keeps on giving ;) 

Check out the stunning makeup and hair job our very own Sarina Rose did, we love this bold lip.  

Because Your Worth It | Edmonton Boudoir Photography

I have so many women tell me they really want to do a boudoir session, but they just aren't ready to book. Weather it's feeling self-conscious about their body or maybe they don't have any one to give the images too it always seems there is something holding them back. I truly believe every woman should try Boudoir at some point in their life, and I think the best time can be when your not feeling great about yourself. Weather it's because of how your feeling about your body after having a baby, or maybe a breakup, we all have those times when we need a pick me up simply because your worth it.