Miss T } Pink Blush Boudoir Edmonton

Boudoir is honestly a celebration of your life a little bit. What better way to love your body and remember what it looks like than to have photos of yourself taken. Treat yourself this February to some fabulous photos of yourself.

Here is a review from Miss T herself:

I’m over 40 and I’ve worked hard on my body to make it the best it can be. I have never thought of myself as a sexy woman either, so I wanted to challenge myself to try something outside of my cute and funny box. The way Calie worked with me to pull out a provocative look I never knew existed. Arching the back to get a bootie, breathing through the lips to avoid a forced look on my face. All these techniques really pulled together in the final product. After the completion of my shoot, I found a whole new level of me, so sensual and seductive. I’ve never seen that side of me and Calie found it through the lens. Calie totally captured my vibe with a alluring sexiness to it. I gave a canvas print to my boyfriend overseas, and he was stunned. Classic beauty with a sensual enhancement. Can’t thank Calie enough for making this a comfortable, fun and sexy time for me. These photos will be cherished FOREVER!!!

Boudoir at any age } Pink Blush Boudoir Edmonton

More often then you think we get women messaging in asking us if we photograph women who are of a certain age or maybe a certain size.  We photograph women of any size, age, etc. We are in the business of making ALL WOMEN feel beautiful, regardless of how old you might be or what size pants you wear, it doesn't matter to us.  Our favourite thing is to photograph women of different demographics, nothing keeps us growing as a business, photographer, or people like getting to meet all these fabulous women and putting our creative minds to work.

Boudoir Posing } Pink Blush Boudoir YEG

Sarina and I are thinking of coming up with a boudoir posing how to for all of our followers.  In our time together we have photographer well over 1200 women, so we know a lot about what looks best and what works to accentuate all different types of body types.  

We guide and help you every step of the way through your shoot, we even walk you through facial expressions too. 

Round Two } Pink Blush Boudoir

Miss N has come to us before and loved her shoot so much the first time that she came back in January for round 2! She rocked her shoot again and had so much fun.