From The Victoria Secret Fashion Show To Your Boudoir Shoot


Every year Victoria Secret puts on its annual fashion show that has more glitz and glamour than the Buckingham Palace. The main reason I love watching the show is to get some serious boudoir inspiration from the experts of sexy. I don't know about you, but I always find myself downing a bucket of ice cream while viewing the spectacular event realizing that I will never look like one of them. And you know what, that is absolutely okay with me. I love my curves and you should love yours too! I’ve gathered my top picks from the VS show that would make amazing themes for your next boudoir shoot.

1. Dark and Sexy


Boudoir-Edmonton-YEG-Photographers-Sherwood Park-Black Theme

Boudoir-Edmonton-YEG-Photographers-Sherwood Park-Black Wings

Boudoir-Edmonton-YEG-Photographers-Sherwood Park-Black Theme 3


2. White Angel

Boudoir-Edmonton-YEG-Photographers-Sherwood Park

Boudoir-Edmonton-YEG-Photographers-Sherwood Park-Wings

Boudoir-Edmonton-YEG-Photographers-Sherwood Park-4

3. Exotic Traveller

Boudoir-Edmonton-YEG-Photographers-Sherwood Park-Exotic Theme 2

Boudoir-Edmonton-Photographers-YEG-Sherwood Park-Outit Themes

Boudoir-Edmonton-YEG-Photographers-Sherwood Park-Exotic Theme