Insider's Guide To Shopping For Your Boudoir Outfits

1. Finding the perfect fit! Whether you're buying something new or you're using an item you found in your closet, it is so important to try it on before you get here. Your body can change over time, so don’t just assume your new or old outfit will fit.  You don’t want something that is going to pinch your body in the wrong ways because this will make you uncomfortable and not as confident for your shoot. This includes everything from panties, bras, and stockings too!  If you are buying new stockings, it's smart to buy one size bigger, that way they won't pinch your thighs or give you a bubble.


2. Buying new? Don’t be afraid to ask the experts advice!

Either give us a call or ask that friendly lingerie consultant at Victoria’s Secret. We are the professionals and know what works best for most body types, so if you’re just not too sure what to get, ask!


3. Try something new!

What better excuse to try something new than a boudoir shoot!  If you are bored of your lingerie options and feeling adventurous, you might want to consider something new and daring. Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than a pair of brand new panties or sexy lingerie, and if doing this for your man, I’m sure he will appreciate it too!


4. What is your favourite part about yourself? Let's highlight it!

If you want to accentuate your eyes or lips, opt for a professional to do your make up and express that with them. You want to pamper yourself on this day, so leave the work to the experts and sit back and relax! Also if there is a certain body part you want to show off, do your research and try on different styles of lingerie to see what works best with your body. Here is a quick run down on some styles that look particularly good on certain types:

Long and Tall

Accentuate those long legs of yours with a garter belt and stockings. Retro style high waisted panties can also help make you look even longer and show off those legs.

Big Chest

Making sure you have good support will help your cleavage look extra good for your shoot. You could wear a corset or a bra with a halter neckline that accentuates and shows off your cleavage.


Try a corset to show off that hourglass figure of yours. Not only will it highlight your curves but it will also make your waist look smaller and hold everything together!

Plump Booty

If you want to show off all of the squats you have been doing, be sure to get a few different types of panties that will show off your derrière. If you are feeling extra fierce, try a sexy thong!

The most important thing is to do your research and try everything on! You won't know until it's on and then you can sense if you feel comfortable and confident. That is the most important thing is feeling good and it will radiate through in your pictures! Happy Shopping :)

Xo Calie & Sarina