Expert Advice on How to Glow like a Pro at Your Next Boudoir Shoot

Have you booked a boudoir shoot and are now anticipating what comes next? We’ve got you covered, girlfriend! We have carefully gathered our top tips to ensure your shoot is a success. We want you to be your absolute best for your next boudoir shoot, because this will be a day you will always remember, and it’s all about YOU!

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  1. Research styles

Style options for boudoir are absolutely endless and we suggest spending some time before your shoot researching different options. A great place to start looking is our website, we have a ton of different pictures and you can choose which ones you want to emulate. This is your chance to be whoever you want, so get creative and push the boundaries.

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  1. Practice makes Perfect

As with anything in life, a little practice goes a long way. Spend some time rehearsing in the mirror and get playful. We will always guide you throughout the shoot, but it doesn’t hurt to try some different poses beforehand to see what you like.

Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-Sherwood Park-YEG-Sleep

  1. Sleep

Be sure to get a good amount of sleep on the days leading up to your shoot. Being well rested and relaxed is key, as you want to enjoy this day and have as much fun as possible, and not feel rushed or flustered. However, if you do have a few late nights beforehand, don’t worry; our expert makeup team that will make you look stunning no matter what!

Edmonton-Boudoir-YEG-Sherwood Park-Photography-Water

  1. Hydration & eating well

The secret to youthful skin is water! We want you to be glowing for your pictures, so make sure you show up well hydrated and your skin will photograph beautifully. Also, eating well before your shoot is a must. This doesn’t mean dieting beforehand, but we suggest eating a small meal the day of and maybe skipping out on that greasy burger the night before to avoid any unnecessary bloating or breakouts.

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  1. Take risks

You will only regret the risks that you don’t take. These photos are for you and your special someone and will stay private if you choose, so live a little and do something you have never done before. This is your time to shine and be wild and free, so take advantage! We promise that you’ll be happy you did.

Xo Calie & Sarina