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I cannot stress enough how fun a boudoir shoot is! And how all women should really try it at least once in their life and that doing it for yourself is the best way you can treat yourself. Miss K had done a boudoir shoot a few years ago with another photographer but wanted to treat herself to another shoot! Really embodying what she liked and felt sexiest in was key, and when I saw her long sleeved lacey body suit I told her that this outfit was a must do! We had lots of fun trying new things and poses, check out her shoot below.

Mature Binary Trans Women in Boudoir } Pink Blush Photography

I met Miss N back in July when she came into the studio for a consultation. She is a Binary Trans woman and was looking for some boudoir images to celebrate her femininity. Miss N is whole heartedly one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. In the few moments I had to meet with her I knew how kind she was and her giggle illuminated the room. We planned outfits and chit chatted for sometime as she got a little more excited about doing her shoot.

Miss N really looked for guidance in what was going to be best and trusted us 100% with all of the decisions. All she knew was that she wanted her images to be tasteful but sexy at the same time.

She rocked her shoot and did such an amazing job. I think some of the photos that I like best from her shoot are the smiling laughing ones as it really represents Miss N and her personality.

Here is a little review from Miss N herself:

"Calie and Sarina were amazing to work with and I loved the nature of the photo shoot. The makeup and hair was perfect for the shoot. It's an experience I would recommend for any trans woman, no matter your body shape, age or dysphoria. I will add that being a mature binary trans woman should not prevent you from expressing yourself in such a feminine manner. As a woman, I found the experience to be a confirming confidence builder. Thank you Calie and Sarina ❤️😎 for your part in my photo shoot. Living the dream !! I would recommend Pink Blush Boudoir … have some fun and enjoy yourself !!”

Mature Women in Boudoir Photography } Pink Blush Photography

Miss C came to the studio after a close friend of hers recommended us! Did you know that we offer referral gifts? For every client you refer to us you will receive a $100 gift card. Send us an email if you have any questions.

Miss C was a little nervous for her shoot with us but heard how much fun it was and couldn’t wait to try it for herself.

Nude Boudoir Photos - Pink Blush Edmonton

Did you know that we shoot nude photography too? We get a lot of women who ask if we are comfortable photographing nudes and the answer is of course yes! Sometimes the nude photos are our favourite outfit to try! If you are comfortable doing it yourself it is definitely something worth trying, don’t worry we still will make you look as beautiful as you do with lingerie or clothes on. Would you ever try a nude shoot?

Miss M } Wedding Boudoir Photography Edmonton

Wedding season isn’t quite over yet, do you have a wedding coming up and are trying to think of what you should get your fiancé for a wedding gift. Trust us wedding boudoir photos are the absolute perfect gift and exactly what they are looking for! Even if you have a quick turnaround time we are known to be really fast, we quote 2-3 weeks but have been known to have digital images to you within days of your shoot and albums within the week. Send us a message with your quick deadline and we will let you know if it’s possible!

In the meantime, here are some outfit inspiration for a curvy bride from Miss M.

Curvy Boudoir Photography } Miss C

Who needs tons of outfits when all you really need is 2? Lots of outfits can be fun but if you only really have one favourite then that is totally fine! Miss C brought a staple bodysuit for her shoot but also wanted to rock the naked\white sheet look. She rocked her shoot, I am loving her red hair and all her curves. Miss C also came into the studio while Sarina was away this summer, so we brought in Miss Sheena from Glam Beautique for hair and makeup. She does fabulous work, make sure to give her a follow on Instagram @glam_beautique