Curvy Miss J } YEG Pride Boudoir Shoot

This will be Miss J’s second time here at our studio! She is so much fun and has lots of personality and always wants that to resonate into her photos. After her first shoot she had so many more ideas for round 2. The first and foremost important outfit was her Pride outfit, and how cute is her matching tutu and nipple pasties. We are in love with this outfit.

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Boudoir Photography - Bra & Panty Sets

We get a lot of questions here as to what you should wear for your boudoir shoot. It is probably the most asked question! Here is a great example of how you can wear a bra and panty set for each outfit change but still make them feel very different from outfit to outfit. Adding in a garter belt and stockings can give the outfit a more sexy feel and change the look completely. Adding in a cool body jewelry piece can also add that little extra something to your outfit. And of course changing up your colours will help give different vibes to each one as well.

Boudoir & Accessories } Photographer Edmonton

Boudoir is great in that you can add shoes, jewellery, stockings, jackets, etc. into your outfits and photos to add an extra element of fun! Miss E had some great outfits and with a little accessorizing it helped pull everything together. Jewellery can definitely make or break the photos and I am loving everything we selected for her shoot. She even brought in this very cool full body jewellery piece that we paired with her purple bra and panty set, match made in heaven!

Even add in her blazer for a couple shots with her black lingerie set gives the outfit more depth. What do you think? Do you like accessories in boudoir?

Boudoir Pick Me Up } Curvy Boudoir Photos Edmonton

I cannot say this enough, that boudoir is the perfect pick me up and special gift you can give to yourself. Miss R came to us back in March for a boudoir treat. Looking to increase her self confidence and take an afternoon to herself, she rocked her photoshoot and had so much fun! Check out her photos below, doesn’t she look stunning??