The Power of Accessories in Boudoir

Accessories in Boudoir The title says it all, the power of accessories in Boudoir photography is definitely a key component.  They can make or break a photo.  Luckily we have lots of shoes, jewellery, stockings, gloves, etc. that you can use for your session with us.

Erin came to the studio in November with simplicity in mind.  She wanted to do mostly implied nudes, and topless shots for that special someone.  These are great ideas, but having the ability to be able to add some unique shoes and jewellery pieces adds that little extra something to your images.  A big statement necklace on a beautiful topless woman can turn your photos from eh to amazing.  And the right pair of heels can take your photos up a notch. But in times when simplicity is best, all you may need is a white sheet. Tell us what you think of her photos below.  She even decided to bring a Seahawks jersey with her too.  Doesn't she look stunning?

Xo Calie & Sarina