Boudoir Photo Help - Ask your Man

If you're doing a session for that special someone, getting their opinion can be a big help. If it's a surprise, you can still ask simple questions about what turns them on or outfits they like. If it's not a surprise, this is the perfect time to get your man just as excited about your boudoir session as you are! Get him involved in what outfits you want to wear or even better, you could go shopping together! Men are usually pretty open to letting you know what bras or panties they like best and all you have to do is ask! Asking him questions like this will help with your session, and possibly bring you closer together. You will probably be surprised by the answers! More often than not it is a lot more simpler than you would think.

Wendy is the perfect example of a woman who asked for her man's opinion, he even came back with her to help her pick out their favourites images from her shoot! Her photos are stunning, check them out below!