Boudoir for yourself } Miss M

The beautiful Miss M was in the studio looking to get some nice photos done of herself and had so much fun. If you are needing some ideas of what kind of outfits to wear to your shoot here is another good shoot for ideas.

Bra and panty sets work great for showing off a little more skin, and going matching with the set is best. Loving this cute blue and white set she used. If you follow our blog you will know how much we LOVE bodysuits, and this cute green one she brought is definitely unique. These are great for covering up a bit more but still accentuating your shape nicely. Outfit number three was the leather jacket! I just love this look, and this one is a great example of what you can layer with a matching bra and panty set, doesn’t have to be a leather jacket, could be a sweater, button up shirt, layering and adding depth to your outfits can be lots of fun for your shoot. Last but not least we did some photos with some cute clothes one too! Even if you are looking for something that is a little more ‘clothed’ than what you normally see us do, that is totally fine, boudoir is all about wearing whatever you feel sexiest in, and pants and a bodysuit is a great example of something else to try for your shoot if you want.

Miss J } Guitars in Boudoir

Wanting to do a shoot for her boyfriend, Miss J brought with her his guitar to use in the photos. It was lots of fun to incorporate this cool prop and to come up with some unique ideas.

Here are some words from Miss J herself about her shoot with us:

“I wanted to do a boudoir shoot for my boyfriend for Christmas with his guitar as a prop , as he is a guitar player and I thought it would be a great way to express myself with his favourite thing to do with the woman he loves in the photo. Calie definitely made me feel comfortable as well as explained and gave me insight and direction for my shoot . All questions and concerns addressed in a professional and friendly environment. The self confidence I experienced before my shoot was so great and exciting that not only did I feel great about myself I felt more sexy than I have in years! I felt ABSOLUTELY SEXY!! I loved all my photos!  Which made it very hard to choose . The work was absolutely stunning and professional. Definitely the best work I’ve ever seen for a boudoir shoot!  This was a very special Christmas gift for my boyfriend! His response was he literally shed tears when he opened it ! Which made it even more special ! He ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT”

Multiple Outfits } Boudoir Photos Edmonton

“I wanted to do something for myself and had always wanted to do a boudoir shoot, so I did! I loved everything about my shoot, it was an all around amazing experience, I got my make-up done which after seeing it instantly increased my confidence. I was ready for my role as a sexy model during my photoshoot. I was helped with making decisions on which outfit was better, suggestions were made for jewelry and shoes to enhance my shoot.  During the photoshoot I felt at complete ease, we laughed and had fun, you helped me at every step that it was needed. I felt sexy. It was a HUGE confidence high!!

Prior to my shoot I didn’t look how I wanted to look for the shoot but after the completion of my shoot, I was literally on a confidence high!! I felt like nothing and no one could say or do anything to bring my mood down. It was truly a day I will never forget because it was just so memorable.

Thank you again for all that you do it really was an unforgettable experience. One that I plan on having again!! “

- Miss Sheena (client from April 2016)

In the mean time if you are looking for some outfit ideas, check out this mystery girl that came into our studio not too long ago.

Miss S } Pink Blush Boudoir Edmonton

I just loved shooting this lovely lady! She was such a blast.

From letting Sarina take the reins with the makeup (what a stunning dramatic eye this girl can pull off!), to letting Calie come up with anything and everything for the shoot, she absolutely rocked her session.

She had so many great and different looks to try there was a lot of fun that went into this shoot. Check out her images below, she really does have some great outfit inspiration for all of you.