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Outfits are key in how your boudoir photos will turn out. I always say that outfits are half the battle and once you have that figured out the rest is really easy. High waisted panties can really help accentuate a woman’s curves and help draw your eye in and make the waist look smaller, so if you’ve got a little more curves going on you should definitely try out a high waisted panty. This curvy babe had the cutest outfits, and I am still gushing over the floral see through crop top and matching panties should found from Torrid. Scroll below to see it!

Wedding Boudoir Photos { Pink Blush Boudoir Edmonton YEG

Wedding boudoir photos are the best gift to give to your groom! Miss A came into the studio back in March with her husband to be in mind! She used her veil for one of her outfit options to get that wedding look she wanted but she also chose a couple other classic and cute outfit options she incorporated as well, check out her photos below!

Groom Gift Ideas } Pink Blush Boudoir

Looking for a great gift idea for your groom on your wedding day? Nothing beats boudoir photos of his beautiful bride? It is definitely a gift that keeps on giving! Check our Miss A's photos below. 

Miss J } Pink Blush Boudoir Photography Edmonton YEG

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. We might be able to feel that way everyday, with our crazy schedules we often don't find the time for a little self indulgence. Gifting yourself a boudoir shoot is a wonderful way to force the self love into your busy calendar. Email us for more details on booking a shoot. 

Here are some lovely photos of Miss J to enjoy.