Mature Binary Trans Women in Boudoir } Pink Blush Photography

I met Miss N back in July when she came into the studio for a consultation. She is a Binary Trans woman and was looking for some boudoir images to celebrate her femininity. Miss N is whole heartedly one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. In the few moments I had to meet with her I knew how kind she was and her giggle illuminated the room. We planned outfits and chit chatted for sometime as she got a little more excited about doing her shoot.

Miss N really looked for guidance in what was going to be best and trusted us 100% with all of the decisions. All she knew was that she wanted her images to be tasteful but sexy at the same time.

She rocked her shoot and did such an amazing job. I think some of the photos that I like best from her shoot are the smiling laughing ones as it really represents Miss N and her personality.

Here is a little review from Miss N herself:

"Calie and Sarina were amazing to work with and I loved the nature of the photo shoot. The makeup and hair was perfect for the shoot. It's an experience I would recommend for any trans woman, no matter your body shape, age or dysphoria. I will add that being a mature binary trans woman should not prevent you from expressing yourself in such a feminine manner. As a woman, I found the experience to be a confirming confidence builder. Thank you Calie and Sarina ❤️😎 for your part in my photo shoot. Living the dream !! I would recommend Pink Blush Boudoir … have some fun and enjoy yourself !!”

Mature Women in Boudoir Photography } Pink Blush Photography

Miss C came to the studio after a close friend of hers recommended us! Did you know that we offer referral gifts? For every client you refer to us you will receive a $100 gift card. Send us an email if you have any questions.

Miss C was a little nervous for her shoot with us but heard how much fun it was and couldn’t wait to try it for herself.

Miss J } Moral Support

I just love when woman support other woman. Life is hard enough as it is, why not support all those special woman in your life whenever you can. This lovely lady brought some moral support in with her for her shoot, and her friend was the best cheerleader to have in that room that day. She even brought another friend in with her to help her choose her images out, and what better way to pick your photos then to have that second opinion of someone you trust. It was awesome to see these two woman supporting their friend in any way that they could.

Miss K } Boudoir Edmonton

Miss K came to our studio back in November as a friend of hers had tried a boudoir shoot with us. We absolutely love word of mouth clients! Did you know that if you have had a shoot with us and you refer a friend, colleague, etc. to us, that you in turn could get a $100 Gift Card with us that you could apply to more digital images or a new shoot? We love our referral program, be sure to ask us about it if you have any questions.

In the mean time, be sure to check out some boudoir images below, Miss K had some great outfit ideas, including a set of white lace wings she picked up at a halloween store just for her boudoir shoot. We just loved photographing them, what a cool idea! Very Victoria’s Secret fashion show like.