Miss K } Boudoir Photography Studio in Edmonton

I love when women bring in a bunch of different outfits to represent each side of themselves. Something sexy, something sweet, something glamorous, each of Miss K’s outfits shows her many sides I think. How cute is her leather vest with bike helmet combo? Bringing in unique and different outfits like this one is such a great idea and maybe not something everyone thinks of bringing with them for their boudoir shoot, but we love unique ideas, so bring anything and everything with you to your shoot and we will help you to select the outfits that are best for you!

Groom Gift Ideas } Boudoir Photos Edmonton

Sexy photos of yourself is the best gift to give your fiancé for your wedding day. We get a lot of women who do a boudoir shoot to gift their significant other boudoir images of themselves as a wedding gift, and what a great idea! Incorporate your ring and veil into the shoot as accessories and try the white sheet look, it is a classic choice.

Miss W wanted to treat that special man in her life to the best gift ever! Check out her images below.

Bridal Boudoir } Quick Deadlines Boudoir Photography

Did you know that we have a really quick turn around time for our boudoir images? We quote no later than 2-3 weeks from the date of your shoot to have images or printed product back to you. Even if you are in a rush, and your deadline is coming up within the next week, send us a message and we will do are best to at least get digital images back to you in time!

Wedding Boudoir images are a perfect gift for your significant other and a great way to celebrate your femininity and your upcoming big day! Miss S decided to incorporate some wedding themed outfits and using accessories like her garter and veil for her shoot. She also brought Canadian Flag with her for some super cool photos. Check her images out below.

Boudoir Pick Me Up } Curvy Boudoir Photos Edmonton

I cannot say this enough, that boudoir is the perfect pick me up and special gift you can give to yourself. Miss R came to us back in March for a boudoir treat. Looking to increase her self confidence and take an afternoon to herself, she rocked her photoshoot and had so much fun! Check out her photos below, doesn’t she look stunning??