Boudoir Pick Me Up } Curvy Boudoir Photos Edmonton

I cannot say this enough, that boudoir is the perfect pick me up and special gift you can give to yourself. Miss R came to us back in March for a boudoir treat. Looking to increase her self confidence and take an afternoon to herself, she rocked her photoshoot and had so much fun! Check out her photos below, doesn’t she look stunning??

Curvy Boudoir Photos } Outfits } YEG

Outfits are key in how your boudoir photos will turn out. I always say that outfits are half the battle and once you have that figured out the rest is really easy. High waisted panties can really help accentuate a woman’s curves and help draw your eye in and make the waist look smaller, so if you’ve got a little more curves going on you should definitely try out a high waisted panty. This curvy babe had the cutest outfits, and I am still gushing over the floral see through crop top and matching panties should found from Torrid. Scroll below to see it!

Boudoir for yourself } Miss M

The beautiful Miss M was in the studio looking to get some nice photos done of herself and had so much fun. If you are needing some ideas of what kind of outfits to wear to your shoot here is another good shoot for ideas.

Bra and panty sets work great for showing off a little more skin, and going matching with the set is best. Loving this cute blue and white set she used. If you follow our blog you will know how much we LOVE bodysuits, and this cute green one she brought is definitely unique. These are great for covering up a bit more but still accentuating your shape nicely. Outfit number three was the leather jacket! I just love this look, and this one is a great example of what you can layer with a matching bra and panty set, doesn’t have to be a leather jacket, could be a sweater, button up shirt, layering and adding depth to your outfits can be lots of fun for your shoot. Last but not least we did some photos with some cute clothes one too! Even if you are looking for something that is a little more ‘clothed’ than what you normally see us do, that is totally fine, boudoir is all about wearing whatever you feel sexiest in, and pants and a bodysuit is a great example of something else to try for your shoot if you want.

Miss K } Boudoir Photography

We get a lot of woman who come to us post-baby with hopes of a little pampering for a day! Boudoir is the perfect gift to yourself to take a moment from yourself and reward you for the hard work you put in as a mom! Miss K was no different, thinking of doing something nice for that special someone in her life, but also treating herself, checking out her images below!