Mature women in Boudoir Photos } Edmonton Photographer

Are you going through a rough patch in your life and are looking for a little pick me up and not too sure how or what to do? Boudoir is the perfect confidence booster that you are looking for! Treat yourself to a shoot for the most important person in your life, yourself! Let us show you how fabulous you are the way that you are!

Consultations are the perfect introduction into what to expect for your shoot as well, so try booking a consultation first to see how it all works!

In the mean time here are some photos from Miss T’s shoot that she did for herself. Enjoy!

Miss P } Edgy & Pretty Boudoir Photos

I just love the way Miss P’s images turned out. Being a little bit more on the edgy side with her wicked stomach tattoo she wanted to play around with both sides of the spectrum, incorporating an outfit that played into that edgy side but then selecting another outfit that played into her girlier side with the robe/sheet look. I really feel like we captured both sides and she absolutely nailed her shoot with us, check out her images below.

Here are some words from Miss P about her experience with us:

I chose Pink Blush because your photos are beautiful and empowering. I came into my shoot fairly confident knowing that as woman we come in all shapes and sizes. Our bodies do amazing things that we should be proud of and aging is a gift. I wanted to embrace my femininity and sexuality and express this to the amazing man in my life who truly finds me beautiful in every way.

Thanks for the great experience and making me feel comfortable!

Beautiful Boudoir Photos } Miss A

The ever fabulous Miss A has come to our studio twice now! Round two is always much more fun than round one as you know exactly what to expect and are feeling a little more comfortable with playing around with poses. Like she did in her first shoot she absolutely rocked this one, some super cute outfit inspiration here including a few long sleeved bodysuits and we all know how much I love a long sleeved bodysuit.

Curvy Boudoir Photos } Miss B

Miss B was a client we had at the studio in August and has some great outfit inspiration if your a girl with a little more curves. Bodysuits are a super cute outfit idea, and opt for something a bit more strappy if you want to show of your curves more. Her Calvin Klein outfit, gives her a more casual feel for this set, but opting for a high waist line will help accentuate your curves and hips. Lastly, you cannot go wrong with the white sheet look, it is flattering for all body shapes and sizes, as you can show off as much skin as you want depending on what level of nakedness you are comfortable with.

Boudoir Photos for You } Pink Blush Photography Edmonton

I cannot stress enough how fun a boudoir shoot is! And how all women should really try it at least once in their life and that doing it for yourself is the best way you can treat yourself. Miss K had done a boudoir shoot a few years ago with another photographer but wanted to treat herself to another shoot! Really embodying what she liked and felt sexiest in was key, and when I saw her long sleeved lacey body suit I told her that this outfit was a must do! We had lots of fun trying new things and poses, check out her shoot below.