Miss A } Curvy Women in Boudoir

Are you a curvy girl and need some outfit inspiration on what to wear?? You cannot go wrong with wearing a body suit, I know we say this a lot but it really is the outfit of the century! They are perfect as they come in many different styles as well, check out Miss A’s photos below to see the bodysuits that she brought for her shoot. And there’s never anything wrong with just being naked too! Show off those curves.

Miss J } Curvy Boudoir Photography Edmonton

We have a lot of women who message us asking if we take photos of curvy girls? We get women of all shapes and sizes here and love it! Being able to accentuate a woman’s body no matter what they look like is our job. Half of it is posing and the other half is outfits, so making sure to choose the right outfits for your body is very important. Here’s some outfit inspiration from Miss J!

Here’s a review from her about her shoot:

“I was getting married and wanted to do this as a gift for my soon to be husband. This was my first time and the whole photo shoot was my favourite part. Before the shoot I would say my self confidence was not good and I had very low self esteem. After the completion of the shoot thought I look at the photos and think wow that’s actually me and it’s hard to think that. My husband LOVED his gift, he can’t stop looking at the photos.”

Curvy Boudoir Photos Edmonton } Boudoir Photographer

A consultation is the perfect way to introduce yourself to boudoir and any questions you might have! If you are nervous or unsure of what to expect then call us to book a complimentary consultation. Miss S came to us back in June and came in for a consolation prior to her shoot, most women like this pre-photo shoot appointment as it gives them some more preparation ideas before the shoot itself. After a little preparation when it came time to the shoot itself she completely rocked it!! Check out her images below: