Miss B and all her curves } Curvy Boudoir Photos Edmonton

We are so fortunate to shoot as many amazing and beautiful woman as we do. That is truly our favourite part of the job, is getting to meet all these different woman, hearing their stories, and showing each and every one of them how truly stunning they already are.

Miss B wanted to try a shoot out for herself and she looks absolutely amazing, check out her curvy boudoir photos below.

Christmas Lights } Fun Props } Boudoir Edmonton

Do you have something laying around your house that you thought might actually work well as a prop for your photo shoot? We are completely open to any and all ideas, so bring what you want with you and we will take care of the rest! Miss S came to us back in November with some fun Christmas lights to try. It was lots of fun to get creative and try something new. Scroll to the bottom to see them!

Miss K } Boudoir Edmonton

Miss K came to our studio back in November as a friend of hers had tried a boudoir shoot with us. We absolutely love word of mouth clients! Did you know that if you have had a shoot with us and you refer a friend, colleague, etc. to us, that you in turn could get a $100 Gift Card with us that you could apply to more digital images or a new shoot? We love our referral program, be sure to ask us about it if you have any questions.

In the mean time, be sure to check out some boudoir images below, Miss K had some great outfit ideas, including a set of white lace wings she picked up at a halloween store just for her boudoir shoot. We just loved photographing them, what a cool idea! Very Victoria’s Secret fashion show like.

Miss S } Pink Blush Boudoir Edmonton

I just loved shooting this lovely lady! She was such a blast.

From letting Sarina take the reins with the makeup (what a stunning dramatic eye this girl can pull off!), to letting Calie come up with anything and everything for the shoot, she absolutely rocked her session.

She had so many great and different looks to try there was a lot of fun that went into this shoot. Check out her images below, she really does have some great outfit inspiration for all of you.