Bath Tub Boudoir Photos } Edmonton Photographer

Miss C came to our studio back in August and wanted to try out our bath tub set in our Wet Room. Most women don’t know that we have a shower and tub set available at the studio, any one can use it, just send us a message if you are interested and we will make sure it is free for your shoot.

Wanting to try a couple different looks in the tub, she opted for a see through white tank top and some nudes. I am so happy she was willing to let us show her images on our blog, as I think a lot of woman steer away from the tub set as they think they have to be naked, but this white tank look is a great example of what can be done in our bath tub set but a little more clothed. We will shoot to whatever your comfort level is, so if you like the idea of trying out the wet room but want to be more covered, then we are game for anything!

The white tank photos are definitely some of my favourite ones that i’ve ever done in the tub set, but even the more naked ones we did with Miss C turned out great. She rocked this set and makes the “coming out dripping” look, look so effortless.