Sexuality & Boudoir Photography - Pink Blush Edmonton

I want to talk a little about sexuality today, there is a quote we posted on Instagram a little while ago: “Women are all sexual creatures. It’s a pity so many of us have it shamed out of us before we even get a chance to explore it.”

As girls we are taught to hide our bodies and protect our innocents from potential preditors and men in general. This is absolutely important as a means to protect our children and our daughters as they grow up. Unfortunately, as adult women many of us don't lose our sense of self protection. We feel uncomfortable undressing around our husbands and other women, we are afraid to let go and enjoy our bodies. We feel shame for sharing our bodies with men even when it is perfectly consentual and appropriate.

Someday I hope our daughters will grow up in a word where they dont feel like they have to close a door on their sexuality. Someday I hope we live in a world where men understand that it is their responsibility to keep the children and women in their lives safe.

I really think boudoir photography is a great way for us women to be more open with our sexuality and our bodies. It’s a great way for us to explore that side of ourselves in a safe place, and through artistic expression.