Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer } Second Hand Clothes

It’s no secret how much Sarina and myself LOVE second hand clothes. Even from a young age I would shop at second hand clothing stores (Divine on Whyte Ave was my favourite!). After realizing we had a Plato’s closet in Edmonton, I was stoked, and shortly after we got in contact with one of the most amazing humans we have met, Jen! Jen is all about thrifting and after we met her what a match made in heaven. We have done photos a few times with Jen now and just love it. She has such a great eye for thrifting second hand clothes, if you haven’t already done so you should give her a follow on Instagram @lifepreloved or visit her website www.lifepreloved.com.

Flash back to this fun lifestyle shoot we did with some of Jen’s clothes. Sarina and I had lots of fun modelling these clothes on Whyte Avenue. Have a mentioned yet that I just love shooting on Whyte Ave? So many great spots of photos, it really is one of the best places to go take lifestyle photos in the city.

Grey Dress - Wilfred from Aritizia

Stripe Flower Dress - Zara

Black Dress with Shoulder Details - Teenflo

Snake Looking Top - ASOS

Beige High Waisted Pencil Skirt - Guess Marciano

Black High Low Flow Dress - Alice & Olivia

Romper - BCBC

Floral Dress - Ted Baker

I just loved all these outfits! My absolute favourite one of course was the Ted Baker dress, and funny little story, Sarina saw how much I LOVED this dress, and after the shoot, she secretly bought it from Jen for me to enjoy! How lucky am I?