Miss L } Photography Edmonton Pink Blush Boudoir

There is nothing I like more then when a women walks into my studio already displaying the confidence she should have. It is something that happens far to frequently in my opinion. I have so many stunning women who come to me for pictures that really don’t think they are sexy, or even pretty. At times I have been completely heartbroken just listening to a women’s story and hearing the words she uses to describe herself.

Im so grateful I have the opportunity to work with some of these women so I can help them see things differently. It’s amazing what a shift in our perception of ourselves can accomplish. I’d like to encourage women to try to find that shift without outside sources, but sometimes we need a little help. That’s why I love shooting Boudoir. It can be that shift in our reflection that we need.

Another great way to shift our perception is to look for women who inspire us. I think Miss L is a wonderful example of a woman who’s confidence game is on point. She has her own confidence boosting brand on instagram called @power_confidence, I highly recommend you take a look at her page. She is full of energy and constantly challenging herself to grow. You can’t help but notice this woman’s energy when she walks into the room. The same confidence you feel in her presence comes through in her images, and it is absolutely sexy.