Dear Future Self } Boudoir Photography Edmonton Pink Blush

Dear future self who are you?

I am a woman who has grown strong and sturdy because of my past, my willingness to face my shortcomings, and my determination to grow from them. 

My spiritual wellness is my number one priority at all times. Prayer and meditation or part of my day, every day, morning and night. My connection to source energy comes before any other connection so my connections with other people can be practice with spiritual principles.

I love and respect my body so much that treating it as such is never a question. I’m active daily and I feel my body with real nutrition. I eat intuitively so I can give my body what it needs and in the right amount. 

Every day I look for ways to be of service to others. It might be my husband, someone in my family, a client, or a stranger on the street if I can be helpful, I will. 

This is a small part of the work I have been doing with my journal entries. My current practice is to write out projections of the person I want to be. By writing these things out I can cultivate my desired self into something real. It’s been fun to play around with and its also helping to bring me into alignment with my future self.