The Foundry Room Boudoir } Edmonton Boudoir Pink Blush

There is nothing more attractive and sexy than one someone is showing up as her true authentic self. 

We spend so much time obsessing over what looks sexy, but how much time do we spend considering what we are truly attracted to? Attraction isn’t just about looks, it’s feeling. One that sits deep down inside you and pulls you towards another human. It’s that moment a person says the right words, or does the right action that makes your heart pound and your lady bits pulse.

Many of the women I have worked with over the years don’t think they are sexy or attractive. Like as if some how they where just born without that gene or skill. But thats just not how sexy works. Yes some people might grasp the concept or feeling a a little easier then others, but I assure you every women has the ability to to be sexy and attractive in her own way to another human being. We need to remember that everyone finds different qualities attractive. Some men love a smart women, some men love one who can cook and play that motherly role, some men like a women with curves, some like them a little more firm, some like a sweet girl and some men really love bitches. So guess what? There’s a kind of sexy for everyone and you get to pick the flavour that works the best for you.

Here are some lovely shots of Miss S int he new wedding and event space in Edmonton, The Foundry Room. This space is sure to be one of Edmontons new hot spots for weddings. The venue has much to offer and my favourite part is the amazing building to shoot in. There is magic spot everywhere.