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“The best way to have a feather light soul is to keep letting go.”

Holding  onto resentment will only hold you back. Whether it’s the guy that cut you off in traffic or an ex who cheated on you, holding on to negative emotions towards anyone or any circumstance will only prevent you from moving forward. Forgiveness is rarely about the other person it’s about you. If you want a truly blissful life your goal in all your affairs should be to act with tolerance, patients, kindness, and love.

i have had some recent revelations myself on this matter. Over the past two years I have really been working on taking better care of my health, but there has been a few things I just cant seem to fix. Like quitting smoking and staying quit. I finally had to come to terms with the fact that part of the reason I smoke is because of anger and resentments I still carry. By doing the work to heal these issues Im finally feeling free from this nagging addiction.

I always have client who tell me they will do a boudoir shoot once they loose a few pounds, and one of the best ways to do that is to start with dropping the emotional weight. The scale might not physically move but you will feel lighter instantly. My best advice is to look at your life through honest eyes. If you have an issue or issues that are really weighing you down, try to reevaluate the issue with tolerance, patients, kindness, and love. Take a look at the situation without judgment, define what role you played in that situation, learn what you need to learn from it. Maybe you need to apologize to someone, maybe you need to forgive someone else or yourself, maybe you just need to visualize how you will do things differently in the future. But when your done with your evaluation you must then let it go. it’s one of the best weight loss tips out there and it wont cost you a dime or a minute of gym time.

A woman can not be a soaring flowing creating bad ass if she’s being pinned down with a bunch of resentment and anger. Next time you find yourself holding on to something negative. Ask yourself, do I want to flow and continue to create the life I want, or do I want to be stuck in this pit of blame and fear? It doesn’t matter who upset you, or what, or how. It only matter how you handle it because that is the only thing in life you have any control over. Now take a deep breath and let it go.

Namaste my beautiful flowing bad ass ladies.