How to prepare for your Boudoir Shoot } Pink Blush Boudoir YEG

Preparing for your boudoir shoot is key! And nothing will make you feel more comfortable for your shoot then to have everything ready to go and prepped the night before. 

Here are some tips and tricks for you!

1) Hair and Makeup prep

Come with a clean face, free of makeup, but make sure to put on a light moisturizer the morning of your shoot.  Ask for your hair, everyone's hair is different, if you can get away with showering every couple days, then the night before your shoot is fine, but be sure to blow dry your hair upside down before going to bed, but if you are the type of woman he needs to shower her hair everyday, then the morning of is totally fine, but again, blow dry your hair upside before coming for your shoot. 

If you have something specific in mind for hair or makeup, having photos to relay what you want tends to work best, otherwise if your not too sure what you want, then our fabulous makeup girls will help you take care of it!

2) Body Prep

The more moisturized your skin is, the better it will look in photos. Drink water, and moisturize with your favourite lotion or coconut oil, whatever medium you like to use. If your skin isn't too sensitive and you have exfoliated before, try a body scrub about 5 days before your shoot, and then moisturize the last few days before your shoot. 

Spray tans can be nice, but if you go somewhere inexperienced you may come out of it orange and not with the kind of glow you were hoping for.  We suggest leaving your skin as is! But if you really want a tan to your skin, give us a call at the studio and we can give your tips and suggestions. 

3) Nails

Longer nails definitely make your hands look better for photos, but if you don't normally get your nails done, or don't have it in the budget, then don't stress, just make sure your nails are clean, and trimmed to all the same length. If you have a neutral nail polish, put a coat of that on your nails before you get here. 

If you are willing to go out and get your nails done then entrust your fabulous nail tech to help you out for your shoot! 

4) Outfits & Accessories 

Make sure to pack all your items the night before, so that on the day of your shoot, you don't have to panic before you get here. 

There is no such thing as too little or too much to bring when it comes to boudoir. We are here to help, so bring anything and everything you think you might like to use for your shoot with us, and we can help you narrow it down if needed when you get here. 

Glance through our blog if you need some ideas of outfits, this way you can see what some other women who have come here have done.  

We have tons of accessories (jewellery, shoes, stockings, gloves) that you can use at the studio, and once your here, and we've helped you narrow down your outfits, we will help you accessorize your outfits with either something of ours or yours! If you do have some of your own, definitely make sure to bring it with you on the day of your shoot. 



More tips and tricks to follow!