Celebrating International Women's Day } Pink Blush Boudoir Edmonton YEG

Today has been a beautiful celebration of women on social media. We have been smiling ear to ear all day, reading the posts of our wonderful clients and friends who are sharing stories, love and support. It made us wonder, how did it all begin?

We took to Wikipedia to find out, and put on our researcher hats. Our research was very brief, because we like looking at makeup tutorials better. Seriously, they are addictive when your job is to style and photograph women for shoots!

So, the first “Women’s day” was held on February 28, 1909 by a socialist party in New York. The following year, it was suggested that this become a full conference, and eight years later women gained suffrage in Russia, and it was turned into a national holiday way over there. This day was celebrated largely in communist and social countries until 1975, where it was adopted by the united nations. 

If this is starting to remind you of that hilarious show drunk history, we won’t blame you. Please History channel, do an episode on women’s day. 

Anyways, International Women’s Day has roots in socialism, but it’s grown into something much bigger than a political movement. Women’s day could be turned into a debate on politics for sure, but to us we feel that it doesn’t need to be that complicated. Women are awesome, let’s celebrate them. Mothers, sisters, friends, daughters, managers, peers, mentors, motivators, we are really feeling the good vibes of this day. 

We do what we do because to us, it’s women’s day every day. When our clients eyes light up when they see themselves posed beautifully in our luxurious studio, it really makes our day. We’ve done shoots with women from 18-80, and honestly while sexuality is a part of it, to us boudoir is a deeper thing. Yes it’s sexy, but it’s also empowering. There’s something about the act of choosing to do an act of self-love like immortalizing your body in stunning photos that is so good for the soul.

But don’t take our word for it. Our client Miss G is a repeat customer because to her, it’s a huge confidence boost:

“Boudoir for me is empowering, because it’s actually a really indulgent thing to do. Finding beautiful outfits, getting my hair and makeup done, being pampered by the ladies at Boudoir Pink Blush makes me feel like a rock star. Seeing the end result and having those beautiful photos is an experience I recommend every woman do at least once in their life. While my husband adored his wedding boudoir album, I think I enjoyed it just as much!! It’s really easy for us to be so hard on ourselves, to criticize every lump and bump on our bodies, but every time I see the images I am blown away. Is that really me, do I really look like that? It’s amazing!”

Here are some images of miss G enjoying her gorgeous new hair extensions by The Extensionist. We styled them and they were lots of fun to play with!