Loving Yourself } Boudoir Edmonton

Miss A came to our studio back in August last year, check out her boudoir story here:

“It all started when I put my husband in charge of the camera at the beach this summer.  I was trying to embrace my body and enjoy the moment rather than worrying so much about what I looked like in a swimsuit, and I thought I had succeeded. But going through the photos afterwards I was confronted with shot after unflattering shot featuring my ass, which I consider to be my “problem area”.  I was furious at my husband for not paying attention to that. He was dumbfounded. All my husband saw in the photos was his wife playing with her kids in the lake. All I saw was my cellulite.

I think my first response when my husband suggested a boudoir photoshoot was a defensive and snarly "go fuck yourself".  Then he explained that he thought they might help me see what he already sees when he looks at me. I mulled that over but was still skeptical, so I asked a couple girlfriends who have done boudoir shoots if I should try it, and their response was a resounding YES!!!!  They spoke so highly of their experiences. So I bit the bullet and confirmed the session booking on a Tuesday, bought outfits on Friday and did the shoot the following Tuesday. I wanted a short turnaround so that I didn’t have enough time to think I should go on a diet first and obsess about my body looking “just right”.  I knew if I was going to do this that I needed to feel pretty as-is and not only after months of hard work; that's not sustainable for me in the long-term and still would put a condition on my worthiness to feel beautiful.

I just went as I was and trusted the photographer to do the rest, which she did!!!!!  Trust me this was WAY out of my comfort zone and I was ready to freak and run out of there at the beginning, but Calie was positive and encouraging.  She showed me a shot within the first 5 minutes and I was so happily surprised with it, astonished even! It is amazing what an angle of light, a flattering pose and the right eye behind the camera can reveal!  By the end, even uptight self-conscious me was having fun and the smiles were not forced at all. In fact, it still brings a smile to my face. It was an experience I would repeat in a heartbeat!

Years ago I assumed that boudoir photos were for the man but in my case it wasn’t really about pleasing him at all - it was about me finding appreciation for my own body.  If I happen to share the results it's an added bonus for him. I did allow my husband to come along to the viewing session and help me choose some shots, which he was thrilled to do, but I’m still the only one who has the link to see them.  I go take a peek at my photos any time I need a pick-me-up.

I’m not comfortable having my face displayed publicly, but I am still hoping my photos will appear on the Pink Blush Instagram some day right along with all the other beautiful women they have featured.  I get a little smirk and it makes me feel sexy and mysterious thinking there could be a naughty picture of me out there that I can be proud of, even though only I will know it's me. ;)”