Miss B Post Completion Shoot } Edmonton Boudoir Photographer Pink Blush.

Have any of you ladies ever done a fitness competition? Or do you plan to do on win the future? If so, do consider Pink Blush Boudoir for your post competition photos.

When I see girls post images form their competitions sometimes I can’t help but cringe. Although their bodies might look amazing, often the stage lights are not flattering on the face and everything is so far back you can barely see all the details. I know for myself if I ever worked that hard to achieve chiselled abs, and a busting booty, Id be completely heartbroken if I didn’t have some amazing images that really showed off my shape. Shooting boudoir we can focus on all the amazing results form your hard work, and showcase every part that you want in a flattering feminine manner. You will end up with a set of images that resemble every amazing inch.

Here are some images form Miss B’s shoot. She also has some wicked Tattoo work from Atomic Amy of atomic Zombie Tattoo. This shoot was totally a double hitter. We got the tattoos documented while they where fresh and her perfect abs. I hope you all love them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Sarina xox