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This last year I have been struggling with some health issues. Nothing to serious but enough for me to know my body needs a little more love. I have been breaking out in psoriasis, sometimes I get migraines, my energy level has been low, I often have issues sleeping, and my tummy is often bloated and constipation is an issue. 

Loving yourself and living life to the fullest requires that we take good care of our bodies. Often I don’t feel like I’m living life to the fullest because I don’t feel good, and I’m tired.  This fall I started seeing new natural path and receiving IV treatments, which have been helping, but I have been struggling to stick to the strict diet requirements to really help my body heal. 

I recently had allergy testing done and found out I’m allergic to egg white, dairy, corn, peas, barley, seaweed, and red kidney beans. All foods I eat on a regular basis. I’ve been doing my best to eat mostly steamed veggies, meat, and healthy fats to help clear my system but I have been far from perfect. Halloween really through me off.

I love eating healthy but I also love eating sweets. Once I’m on the sugar train most my diet efforts go right out the window and it can take days of eating well again to help relieve the sugar craving. 

For years I have studied different ways to heal naturally, but I have never really gone full force into using thee tools together. This month I have decided to put these tools to use and really give my body what it needs. I will warn my readers in advance, some of the detoxing tools I will be using are extreme and not part of the typical health care system. Some of them will gross you out a bit. 

My plan for then next month is to completely eliminate sugar and all the things I’m allergic to from my diet, but this alone isn’t enough.  I will also be incorporating some fasting into my eating routine. So I will not consume food until 2pm or after 8pm. By constricting my eating window I am giving my body a chance to clear out my digestive system every day. I will also be doing at least 2 72 hour fast on salt water. Studies show a 72 hour fast has great benefits for improving the immune system.  This will also help shed a little body fat, but weight loss isn’t really my goal. Improving my health is the goal. Fasting is a great way to get over sugar addiction and help rest your gut health. 

I know Psoriasis is a sign of a toxic liver so my detoxing will include Coffee Enemas at least 5 days a week. I know to some this my sound crazy but coffee enemas are one of the most powerful ways to detox the live. They stimulate something called Glutathione in the liver, which is a power antioxidant. They help boost energy cell production, blood circulation and improve you immune system.  I often will use them if I have migraines, but I have never used them consistently to help detox my body. They are amazing for migraines and I even find I have a reduction in joint pain, and more mental clarity after doing one.  While I’m am doing my enema I will also be doing oil pulling with coconut oil.

I will also be doing my best to stay off my phone after 9pm so I can help improve my sleep, I will be going to the gym and yoga as often as I can. I aim to be in the gym 5 days a week and yoga 4 times a week. Keeping your body moving and sweating is also important for detoxing and stress release. Keeping my stress low is also important for healing.

This last thing will certainly turn most of you off, but the benefits are to good not to do it. When I was 29 I did a yoga teacher training in Bali where I learnt about something called Urine Therapy. For a short time I practiced this daily and saw awesome benefits, but due to my poor life style I stopped doing it. Urine therapy does require a very clean diet to be safe and effective.  

So I’m sure most of you are wondering what the hell is Urine Therapy? Well ladies, it is the practice of drinking your own Urine.  You don’t need much just a few ounces or midstream morning pee and your good to go.  I know it sounds gross, and your all wondering why on earth would anyone do that? Well here’s why. Urine can improve your immune system and allergies by recycling antibodies into your system. It contains Urokinase and enzyme which can help with a your heart, arteries and clears accumulation of bad fats from your body. It can help clear up skin problems. Ever notice something called Uric acid in your skin care products?  Its basically pee in your cream and most of you are probably already using it on your face. 

So now that most of you are totally grossed out I hope you are still interested in following along and helping me through the next month. It will be a difficult month to get through but I know my body needs this to heal. Our bodies are designed to be self-healing and self-regulating, so if I give my body what it needs I know it will heal my Psoriasis and my energy will start to return. 

For the record I do not claim to be a professional, doctor or expert. I’m only talking from personal experience and do not wish to encourage anyone to do all these crazy yogi things. I simply want to heal my body and share my experience with you. 

Here are some lovely photos of Miss Sasha to thank you all for reading :)