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If you looking for some awesome fitness motivation I highly recommend this fit chick. Corrie is a national level fitness competitor and trainer. She lives and breaths fitness and nutrition. You can find her on instagram @team2BFA or @cor_fitnesss. Corrie is also an international fitness model so there is never a shortage of stunning shots on her page. 

Here are some motivating words from Corrie-Lynn 

Motivation is not magic. It does not come in a bottle. There is no little blue pill for it. But it’s something you can tap into by design then harness..

1. Set a goal and visualize it down to the most minute detail. See it, feel it, hear the sounds that accompany the end result. Elite athletes visualize their performance ahead of time — right down to the smell of the sweat dripping down their face as they cross the finish line

2. Make a list of the reasons you want to accomplish the goal. In our busy, distracting world, it’s easy to get blown off course. This is why you need to ground yourself in your goal. For extra “success insurance,” write your list with a pen.

3. Break the goal down into smaller pieces and set intermediary targets — and rewards. To me it’s the best Tony Robbins, arguably the foremost motivational speaker and personal development coach, says: “A major source of stress in our lives comes from the feeling that we have an impossible number of things to do. If you take on a project and try to do the whole thing all at once, you’re going to be overwhelmed