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So often, I have clients express to me that they wish their body was something other then the way that it is. The girl with small boobs wishes they where bigger, The one with the bigger boobs would give anything for a reduction. The girl who is short wishes to be taller, the tall girl would just like to find pants with a fitting inseam. The girl with big hips feels too large and the girls with small hips feels like a boy. 

We need to start recognizing this pattern here. Is the desire to be something different really caused by how we look? Or is it where we place our focus that is the problem? 

Sometimes the best solution to a problem is asking the right questions. Does being a little "overweight" really make you less of a person? Does it change your talents, your passions, your heat?

By focusing in on the things that really matter, we learn to love ourselves and the visual aspects of who we are become less important. We all want to feel sexy, but sexy isn't a look - it's a feeling. So, feel it.