Miss Leah Lee } Pink Blush Boudoir Edmonton YEG

I don't often get a chance to work with models but when I do it's with  Miss Leah Lee. Her enchanting face matches her sweet yet witch like personality perfectly. So when she sent me the picture of this stunning head piece I couldn't resist a shoot. We hope you like the images. :) 

 Here is a little review from Leah about working with Pink Blush. 

“Sarina is an outstanding photographer [and lovely person to boot!] with the ability to make anyone feel beautiful. I have worked with many high caliber photographers and Sarina definitely falls into this category because she knows how to get just the right shot[s]. With Sarina’s innovative and creative mind, she is able to come up with photos you could only dream of. I personally struggle with body dysmorphia. I always find it such an uplifting experience working with Sarina. She makes me feel comfortable with my body and once I get those photos back, my self esteem increases significantly! I always look forward to shooting with Sarina and plan to continue to do so in the future! Pure magic!! “