Ladies Support Other Women } Pink Blush Boudoir Photography Edmonton YEG

If find it all too common that women are very quick to judge or put each other down. I understand that not everyone is always going to like everyone else, but since women in this world have it hard enough as it is, I can't justify putting another women down. I might not always agree with another woman's actions or choices, but I try to understand that everyone has their reasons. 

I was never a popular girl in school, and often felt threatened by other girls. Usually for things like talking to a boy, or even just for being friends with one. This was something that I struggled with a lot, since I found it hard to be friends with girls, and the guys where easier to hangout with. When I was in grade 11, my then boyfriend cheated on me with a girl from school. I remember everyone expecting me to hate this girl because she made out with my boyfriend, but I knew exactly how being hated on by other women made me feel. I also knew that it was my boy friend who did the wrong doing, not her. I didn't feel the need to make best friends with this girl, but I also saw no use in rubbing her face in her actions. She had her reasons for making out with a guy she knew had a girlfriend; most likely, those reasons came from a place of low self value. Instead of being angry I tried to forgive her, and accept that she had her own struggles. 

I wish more women could treat each other this way. Instead of pointing out every fault or trying to bring another woman down so you can feel better. Try to see that the woman you are judging, disrespecting or putting down has a heavy enough load. Maybe with a little compassion, we might all be able to make healthier life choices. Maybe by having each others backs instead of stabbing them, we can join forces and be a powerful example for our children. Considering every human was created by a woman, that could create a pretty powerful change. 

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