Boudoir Photography for You

We have something extra special up on the blog today; this beautiful woman came into our studio in February for a valentines day gift for her husband.  Not only was the shoot for her man, it was also a little bit of herself.  Surprised is the best word to describe for her reaction to her photos.  

Here's what she had to say about her time with us: 

"I have to hand it to the Pink Blush girls, Calie and Sarina, they have boudoir photography down to a fine art. With Sarina wielding her expertise with my make-up and hair, and Calie’s exceptional photography skills, the end results were nothing short of amazing! I never imagined I could look so good under a camera and lights, but there I am, at 62, looking like a professional model. The woman in the photos was all me—only better! The results were achieved with bit of lighting and soft-focus, but very little retouching (you get to decide what or how much you want retouched). Pink Blush wants women to feel good about their bodies, and no matter what your age or body shape, they will make you feel beautiful about yourself. I would encourage any woman to do this at least once in their lifetime…you won’t be disappointed!"

When she told us she was 62, Sarina and I were both shocked.  She looks absolutely stunning in her photos, check them out below!