Edmonton Boudoir | Our Top 10 Favourite Boudoir Outfit Choices | Part 2

Here is the follow up post to last weeks Part 1 of our Top 10 favourite boudoir outfit choices! Find the top 5 below:

Number 5 – Nudes

Why not try some nudes? If you want to remember your body the way it is at a certain point in your life, then what better way to remember it then to photograph it! Don’t worry, we will make sure you look beautiful and that your photos are tasteful.  Getting naked doesn’t mean you have to do a full frontal, shooting through a sheer to make it less obvious is a good option, or even putting the focus of the photo on something else in the room, and having your beautiful naked self blurred out in the background is a good alternative.

Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Number 4 – Man’s Shirt

Getting your photos done for that special someone in your life? Borrow their shirt for the day and pair a bra and panty set underneath for another classic look that HE will LOVE.  Dress shirts are great options but not the only one, even using a sweater of his or another type of shirt is a good idea too.  Want a more risqué look? Try using just panties underneath or go nude and use the shirt to cover what you don’t want shown. 

Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Number 3 – Bra and Panty Set with Stockings

Have a sexy bra and panty set, but want to accessorize your outfit a bit more? Why not try some stockings or stockings with a garter belt. We love this look and so will you! Don’t worry if you don’t have any stockings or a garter belt (or if you don’t know what a garter belt is!).  We have all of that at the studio for you to use.

Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Number 2 – The White Sheet

WE LOVE using white sheets as an outfit.  This outfit is great for every woman and is a classic look that you will never regret. Sheets are great for all shapes of women and for all comfort levels.  They are great because you can cover up as much or show off as much as you want.  What’s also great about this outfit is you don’t have to bring anything and it won’t cost you a dime!

Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Number 1 – The Onesie

This is our absolute favourite outfit! We have loved this option for a couple years now and are thrilled to know that it has made a comeback and is a super popular lingerie option at all lingerie stores. Onesie’s are like a one piece bathing suit that is either meshy, see-through, or lacey, and we love them as they are flattering for ALL body types. If you want to try something new and exciting for your shoot, then go get an onesie for your shoot now!

Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Well that's a wrap! Coming up next week on the blog, Christmas Boudoir done right!

Much Love,

Calie & Sarina