Boudoir Edmonton | Our Top 10 Favourite Boudoir Outfit Choices | Part 1

Sarina and I have compiled a list of our favourite outfit choices for you to enjoy! The most common questions we get from women is "what should I wear?" Here are some great options for you to try for your next boudoir shoot! 

Number 10 - Oversized Sweater

An oversized sweater is a great option for your boudoir shoot! It’s a great choice for women of any shape and age.  Pair your sweater with some cute panties and opt for the no bra look (or strapless if you need the support!). Nothing is sexier than a sweater that falls exposing that bare shoulder of yours.

Boudoir Outfit Choices

Number 9 – Matching Bra and Panty Set

Can’t think of anything to wear? Nothing looks better than having a matching bra and panty set, and it is such a classic look that you can’t go wrong! Whether you opt for simple and go all black or go for more of a fun side with a cool pattern! This outfit choice isn’t hard to find and you might already have this item in your drawers. 

Boudoir Outfit Choices

Number 8 – T-Shirt & Socks

Going for more of a cute look? Pairing a fitted t-shirt with some knee high socks will give you the look you’re going for.  Whether your t-shirt has a band, video game, or a cute logo on it, or even just a plain coloured one, these are all great choices.  Even borrow your man’s t-shirt for the day; I’m sure he will love to see the photos of you wearing it!

Boudoir Outfit Choices

Number 7 – One of Our Corsets

Corsets give you that perfect hourglass figure and are flattering for all body types.  Our custom made corsets are from Sweet Carousel Corsetry and are hand made and designed with lots intricate details, you won’t find anything like them anywhere else! Bring your own panties with you to the studio and get ready to look fabulous.

Boudoir Outfit Choices

Number 6 – Just Panties

Have some amazing panties but don’t have anything else to go with them? Try wearing just your underwear then! Whether you want to cover up the top by using your hands or lying down on your stomach, or if you would like to show off a little more skin and bare it all, all of these are great options.

Boudoir Outfit Choices

Stay tuned for the rest of our list next week!