Boudoir Photos | How to do Christmas Boudoir Right

Tis the season for boudoir! Nothing says I love you at Christmas time like a beautiful album to present to your special someone on one of the happiest days of the year.

But lets be honest, there’s a lot of cheesiness that comes with Christmas time and to make sure you prepare yourself for that Christmas themed shoot you have in mind, here are some great ideas that allow you to still love these photos for years to come.

Don’t opt for the fluffy Santa Clause themed outfit.  5 years from now when you look at your photos, we want you to still love them, so choosing classic outfit choices will work best.  Instead of the Santa Clause outfit, let the colours of your outfit represent Christmas time.  Going for a vibrant red lingerie piece (bra and panty set, baby doll, corset, ONESIE, etc.) on a white fuzzy rug will give you the Christmas vibe that you’re going for. 

Another great suggestion would be incorporating another gift you plan on giving your man for Christmas into your shoot. You might be buying him a watch, dress shirt, tie, or a bottle of cologne for Christmas, why not bring it with you to your shoot and use it as a prop!

Lastly, wrapping you up like a present in Christmas themed wrapping paper, but a good alternative to the Christmas present would be to find some panties with a big bow on the bum.

We still have some dates left in December so be sure to call in to the studio to get your Christmas Boudoir Photos done now! 

Calie & Sarina