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Every so often I get the creative itch to do something totally different. As much as I love shooting boudoir, sometimes I just need to change things up a little bit. A few weeks ago, I got inspired to make a new body cage for the studio. I found some random broken jewelry pieces around the studio while cleaning up and got to work! Looking at the bits and pieces, I knew I could make something our clients would love. There's nothing better than a boudoir studio that supplies one of a kind jewelry, now is there? Here are some hot photos of Miss G showing off our new body bling... 


Also, I need to give a quick shout out to Tricia Victoria Photography for the new B&W preset I've been using.. It's like hot sauce, I could put it on everything! Thank you Tricia.

Miss J } Pink Blush Boudoir Photography Edmonton YEG

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. We might be able to feel that way everyday, with our crazy schedules we often don't find the time for a little self indulgence. Gifting yourself a boudoir shoot is a wonderful way to force the self love into your busy calendar. Email us for more details on booking a shoot. 

Here are some lovely photos of Miss J to enjoy. 

How to Be Sexy } Pink Blush Boudoir Photography Edmonton YEG

It's pretty common that my clients will let me know that they are not sexy, or they don't know how to be sexy. Most women assume you have to look a certain way or be young, but there is so much more to sex appeal then what you look like. Being sexy is more about how you feel about yourself, then it is what you look like. Here are a few tips for "being more sexy":

1) Take care of your body and mind

If you want to feel sexy you need to feel good. Whatever form that happens to take for you; whether it's eating really well, getting your nails done, going out with great friends, eating an entire box of chocolates, you do you. I myself like to eat lots of natural pant based foods, and doing yoga. I also recommend a little Maca Root to help boost your libido but that's just me... 

2) Move Slow and Breathe Deep

If you are trying to seduce your partner, try slowing things down. The art of the tease isn't done quickly, you want to leave them waiting, and begging for more. Make sure you remember to breathe. Taking deep breaths will help calm you down and stimulate your nervous system to relax and enjoy. 

3) Eye Contact

Looking deeply into your partners eyes with confidence will help get their full attention on you. It also sends a message that you know what you want. Just remember to take breaks and look away. If you stare too long you might just scare him. 

4) Do boudoir!

Ok, we are a bit biased here, but we have also heard over and over again from these same clients who "don't know how to be sexy" that doing boudoir has changed that... dramatically. 

So, speaking of finding your sexy, here are some lovely photos of Miss C. who found just that after coming to our studio. We absolutely loved having her light up our space and had to share some of her stunning shots (with her permission, of course!)


Gift for Him } Pink Blush Boudoir Edmonton YEG

Wondering what to get your special someone for this coming Holiday season? Look no further. Boudoir is the gift that gives to you and to him. Doing a boudoir shoot is a wonderful way to pamper yourself with a day filled with glamor and self love. Something I think all of us ladies need more of, but it will knock his socks off too. The only thing he will be asking for once he see your photos is a little time with just the two of you. Tomorrow is our last day to take advantage of you $200 special. The session includes a hour shoot, hair and makeup, and 1 fully retouched images. Options to add on more images or Albums are available. Offer ends November 13th 2017. Email us for more information on booking the boudoir special. 

Here is what Miss s and to say about her experience with us:

"I thought of doing Boudoir photos for several years but factors like cost and self-image got in the way. Now I am post two babies and not a spring chicken anymore and I wanted to be sure if I were to invest in something like this, I would be happy with the end result. It wasn't until I came across Pink Blush and their work that I knew this was the right choice; I knew they could make me look good and feel good and I was not disappointed. I love that they offer a full service with hair, makeup and photography all in one place. Her home studio is beautiful! I didn't have to worry about anything other than what I would like to wear. My session was with Sarina and I trusted her with everything. I felt more at ease than I expected and walked out of there feeling confident, beautiful and so anxious to see my pictures. I was shocked to be able to view my pictures so soon, only a couple days later and loved so many, making a decision on what to choose was difficult (and I don't often like pictures of myself)! I think it's worth it for every woman to do this (for herself) at least once!"